All American Hold The Line Vintage Cap


The new All-American Hold the Line hat. It’s got a vintage feel as if you’ve worn it all your life. So it slides on your head like an old friend. And  just like us, each one is worn-in a little different. But our flag remains the same.  You’ll also notice the hard to find color combo of Blue and Grey.  So wether you are from the South or the North, a yankee or a rebel, you can now let America know that you are a proud American, ready to do your part to hold the line for America.  I like that word. America!

Shoot. Move. Communicate.  These are critical skills to a great leader.  The new All-American Hold the Line Hat will help you develop your skills and improve your leadership abilities! Its true.   The worn visor keeps the sun out of your eyes enabling you to see your target more clearly.  The lightweight breathable mesh keeps your head cool so you won’t loose your cool under fire enabling you to move more efficiently.  The American flag allows you to communicate to the world who you are and what you stand for.  AMERICA!

Just think how proud you will be leading the way for others to follow in your new American-made cover gear.  I know I am.  Improve your leadership skills. Instill pride in your self and others.  Be a great American! Order it now, because we only had a limited amount made.  Once they are gone, that will be it.

See the new Hold the Line hat in action and learn how it can help you shoot straighter, move more quicklier, and communicate more better!



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