Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Who Am I?
Its an important question to ask, because it sets up the entire foundation of what we believe about ourselves as leaders who set the example for others to follow. You’ve heard me say it many times. When we believe something, we live it. So In order for us to live a life of purpose, direction and motivation, then we have to believe we are capable. This starts with defining who we are. So, who am I? Seems like a simple question, but answering it is far from easy. I think thats because most of us feel like we’d be let down by what we might find if we did the math. If you’re like me, then you probably would default to checking the “needs improvement” box. “Who am i? Hmm, not sure. Needs Improvement.”

When it comes to self assessment, most of us are far too critical and way too hard on ourselves. Its understandable. Every day we are bombarded by the world telling us who we ought to be, what we should be doing, using, taking, wearing, eating, drinking, driving,watching, reading, listening to, praying for and who we should be following. These are impossible standards to meet. And they are exhausting. Small wonder we keep selling our own stock short, and see ourselves as little more than someone who “needs improvement”.

But what if you were told the truth of who you really are and finally let in on the great secret of why you are here? What if there was another voice telling you that you are bigger, better,and brighter than you think, a specially selected and well trained soldier with an extremely important mission? If they told you that yours is a story that matters and lives are on the line, would you believe them?Why

I can imagine that voice would have to be someone with undeniable credentials, who’s opinion you trusted unequivocally. It would be sort of like a sherpa life-guide permanently assigned to get you up the mountain. You have to trust them to shoot you straight. So when they tell you,”you can do this” you take their word for it. When they say “follow me”, you follow them because your life depends on it. Who would that person be for you? A teacher? A professor? A parent? A coach? A boss? A commander? A president? An expert in the field? Who would have final authority on the real you? Who would you trust to define you?

The answer of course, isn’t found in the mirror nor with someone else. Its not buried in our past nor hidden in the future. Its here right now, with God. Here’s where you will find the purpose, direction and motivation you’ve been looking for. Here’s where you will find the answer to your question of “Who Am I?”. In fact, He is very clear on this. You are a one of a kind creation made in his image. You are God’s masterpiece.

Look, somewhere along the line, God thought there ought to be a you. So here you are. This is not an accident. Why? BECAUSE YOU MATTER! Thats why. You are a gifted individual entrusted with all kinds of talents, skill sets, and weapon systems. Yours is a story that matters. Believing this is the first step to becoming everything you are capable of being. Because once you believe something, you will begin to live it. When you live it, thats when you begin to impact those around you. That, of course, gets us into the “why am I here and what is my mission?” And we’ll get into that next time! For now, know that you are extraordinary. Know you are a light. If you don’t believe it your self, then Listen to God. He is telling you the truth. This is your story. Be the hero

“The world is full of guys. Be a Man. Don’t be a guy.” from the movie Say Anything