“On The Bounce” podcast featured Keni Thomas to shed light on the value of teamwork, the challenges of leadership, and good communication.

Join me in this heart-pounding episode as we talk to Keni Thomas!

Keni is one of the #teammembers  who fought and survived the battle of Mogadishu. Having Keni walk through chaotic moments will have you amazed and leave you speechless!  We also discuss the journeys that Keni has had throughout the years! Keni sheds light on the value of teamwork, the challenges with communication frustrations, trusting your team to do what is needed.

Keni got out of the Army to pursue his music career and became an award-winning country music recording artist and songwriter in Nashville.

A powerful speaker, Keni captivates audiences inspiring people to #achieve greatness by stressing the importance of outstanding leadership at every level, even if the only person you are leading is yourself.

Keni Thomas is a best selling author, an Emmy-winning producer and the CEO of the Downrange Leadership School where where corporate leaders are challenged to plan, train and execute as a team to successfully complete a demanding 3 ½ day Ranger combat training exercise.

Tune in 🎧 to the On The Bounce Podcast this Friday.

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