Navy SEAL: How to Smile After Gunshot to Face

Jason Redman was a Navy SEAL deployed to Iraq. During a raid on an enemy stronghold, his team was ambushed. Jason was hit and went down hard. Caught in the open, unable to move, Jason tried to assess his wounds. He’d been hit with multiple rounds. Use of his right arm was gone. With his other hand he reached up to his face and something wasn’t right. Something was missing. His cheek bone, his eye socket and his nose were not where they were supposed to be. He had taken a 7.62mm bullet in the face.

Meanwhile, the firefight is still raging around him less than 30 meters away. Tracers were flashing over head. Rounds were impacting all around. And Jason Redman was bleeding out. The life in side of him draining out into the dirty Iraqi soil.
unlikely warning on the door of his hospital room Laying there on his back, staring up at a sky full of stars, Jason thought of God and home. More specifically his wife and kids. “Lord give me the strength to make it back to my family” he prayed. Though he doesn’t remember all of it, miraculously Redman somehow managed to get up and move him self back to his astonished teammates who had thought he was dead. Jason would make if off the battle field that night, but like so many other warriors wounded in combat, his battle had just begun.

Jason’s is an incredible story of sheer tenacity and faith. While still in the hospital recovering from his wounds, he decided he would not disappear quietly into the land of the lost and forgotten. He began his work creating a non-profit called Wounded Wear to help empower other wounded vets to live positive and purposeful lives. His book TRIDENT is now required Navy reading and to date, his non-profit has helped hundreds of veterans find their self esteem, and get back to making a difference in their lives and those around them.

In the most difficult of times, it is the leaders who step up. They push through the fire, hold fast thru the storm, and lead others thru it. American Valor is a new series Im working on about those who did just that. They are your neighbors. They are your children’s coaches. Your doctors, educators and the girl in the pew next to you on Sunday morning. We know you will find in their life a light that inspires you. Motivates you. Reminds you, there are no limits to what you can accomplish or what you can achieve. For you have what it takes to do your part and hold the line. You have American Valor! Watch Jason’s story here: Jason Redman


Unlikely warning on hospital door