Keni Thomas Selected to be the Grand Marshal of the Military Appreciation Days Parade

05AF7E33-F098-49D0-8141-00AFCCF76730On Memorial Day weekend, the city of Myrtle Beach welcomed former United States Army Ranger, Keni Thomas, who was part of the mission in Somalia that inspired the book and movie “Black Hawk Down” as well as Key, Keni’s service dog. Thomas¬†was honored as the Grand Marshal of the Military Appreciation Days Parade.

Keni views Memorial Day as a day of unity and national pride. “You don’t get days like these too often…to get everyone together and say, this is your team. It’s not the Yankees or the Nashville Predators. It’s the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and National Coast Guard. That’s our team right now,” said Thomas.

As time moves forward, retired Veterans remind everyone to take just five minutes and think about those who gave their lives for our country’s freedom.


Ian Klein, WMBF News

May 25, 2019