Hometown boy returns to Gainesville

Gainesvillian named Rebecca Brown. Who is Rebecca Brown you ask? She was the magical director of the Sonlight youth choir at Trinity United Methodist church in Gainesville FL during the 80s and 90s

“Rebecca’s mission was to use music to get kids into the church that otherwise wouldn’t have been there. But to do that, she had to go outside the box. Kids like me weren’t gonna show up to sing choir songs. And there wasn’t a huge praise and worship christian-music market at the time. Drums and guitar amps in a church was unheard of.

So Rebecca let the kids pick songs off the radio and from their album collections that had meaning and substance. The first song i ever did there was Heaven Help us All by Stevie Wonder. I learned through my years with Sonlight that music must be entertaining but can still have meaning. That seed was planted. Its why I write the way i write and make albums the way I do. I try and be entertaining and fun with songs like Mexico. But then I’m gonna play NOT ME and hit you with a message. At the end of the day if someone hands you a microphone you better have something bigger to say than ‘Im countrier than you. Party party party..shake it shake it ..beer!”

Its been almost 8 years since he’s last performed in Gainesville. For those of you who’ve been camping out, the wait is over. Keni returns to Trinity this Saturday 26 Jan with his band Cornbread and special guest The Dirt Road Drifters! Show is open to all folks young and old, shoes or no shoes and is sure to be a packed house. Show time is 7pm Trinity United Methodist Church in Gainesville.

Keni will also be speaking for the mens retreat on Saturday morning at Trinity talking about his inspiring story as a US Special Operations Army Ranger who fought in the Battle of Mogadishu recounted in the movie “Blackhawk Down”. For more information please contact Trinity United Methodist Church.