Galeotos for Governor Presents, Keni Thomas, U.S. Army Rangers veteran of “Black Hawk Down” mission

Galeotos for Governor Presents, Keni Thomas, U.S. Army Rangers veteran of “Black Hawk Down” mission
Hear the exceptional story of Keni Thomas, a decorated U.S. Military veteran-turned-country musician. Keni gives a personal account of his heart-wrenching experiences in the chaotic 1993 battle of Mogadishu, Somalia. In reflection, he expresses a uniques set of leadership lessons and inspired view of our greater purpose.
“When I first met Sam he was over-seeing an enormous project. He was building a much needed facility for the Boys and Girls Club of Cheyenne. I could tell Sam was passionate about his community. He bragged about Cheyenne Frontier Days where he served as a board member wrangling the hundreds of volunteers required to make the massive national event a success. Also, the same week, Sam was in charge of a fundraiser for the new worship center his church was hoping to build. Keep in mind, every bit of this is not a paid position. Sam is a full-time volunteer in addition to his very real job as CEO of a billion dollar corporation. Sam is a husband and a father to two daughters. I asked Sam why he raised his hand to give so much of his time considering his crazy work load. His answer was simple, “It needed to be done.” 
“Some people give their money. Some people give their time. Some people give their talent. Fortunately for those to his left and right, Sam Galeotos gives all three. I believe this kind of character is a constant regardless of the position or title given. To Sam, the title of CEO is a responsibility to “constantly elevate others”. I believe he will approach the role of Governor of Wyoming the exact same way, putting the mission and the people of Wyoming before himself.”

This event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC – there is limited seating. Keni will speak for an hour and then be available for a Meet and Greet following the event. 
Mr. Thomas joins us in a rally for the gubernatorial candidate, Sam Galeotos. 
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