Downrange wins Two Emmy Awards

The short documentary film “Downrange” produced by DNA Films and directed by my friend Nick Nanton was awarded two Emmys this week for Cinematography and Human Interest Feature! For those of us who went through that very first Downrange leadership course, its hard not to smile when we think about our friends Carlo and Shawn, the two-man team who shot the film. They humped every hill, walked every mile, ate, prayed and laughed with us. We as a class made it a priority to look after our camera crew. After all, they were busy staring through a lens and needed someone to keep them from walking off a cliff

At Downrange we believe leadership is the example we set for the people we serve. Go through three and a half days with us shooting, moving and communicating, then you too will understand the appreciation we have for those on our left and right. No one takes the hill alone. We are quite proud of our fellow Downrangers Nick, Carlo,
and Shawn. They gave us their absolute best and their EMMY AWARD-WINNING results reflect great credit upon their talent, their team, and the entire Downrange Leadership Experience.

Please watch the video now at and let the guys know your thoughts.

Directed by Nick Nanton
Cinematography Shawn Vela and Carlo Orrechia
Edited by Shawn Vela
Produced by Nick Nanton and JW Dicks