Become the Kind of Leader People Want to Follow

 At the Downrange Advanced Leadership school we believe  outstanding leadership is more than just a rank, position or a title.  It is the example we set for the people we serve. And we all serve somebody. The Downrange servant-leadership model of “My people and My Mission, before Myself” is a mind set that is taught and lived by our decorated combat operators from the Special Operations community; Army Rangers and Delta Force commandos. Downrange is an outdoor 3.5 day intensive leadership experience. We employ the ranger-school doctrine of teaching small unit troop-leading procedures in a highly challenging outdoor tactical environment.
Downrange is a transformational opportunity for you to create lasting bonds with in your team and to become the type of leader men and women will want to follow!  Watch the video now. If you think you are ready to take that on, then learn more at the new web site.