Astronaut Motivated For First Ever Space Walk after Hearing Keni Thomas Speech

Scott Kelly has been in space longer than any other American, 215-days. He’s been in orbit since March.  Yesterday he finally got to go outside and get some air. In his first space-walk ever that lasted 7 hours, Space Station Commander Kelly became the american record holder for longest days in space.  NASA reported he and his space-buddy Kjell Lindgren spent the entire time making “long over due” maintenance repairs.    SEE Scott Walks in Space

In a seemingly related coincidence, I got to speak to NASA last week @ the Johnson Space Center in Houston.   The program was also broadcast to Scott Kelly up in the international space station.   Hmm.   Is it coincidence? Could be.  But what if? What if it was the spark that lit the fire?   I’d like to think the story of Task Force Ranger motivated Scott to stop floating around up there, SUA SPONTE, dawn his space suit, open the hatch and get out there to get what needed doing done!  Im not saying he was scared.  But maybe the story was the extra push he needed:)

We’re proud of you Scott and Kjell. Thank you for your service. Thank you for putting your lives and your family in orbit for a year, so that America can stay at the forefront of the final frontier.  God speed you two.   Stay strong.  Stay motivated.