No Man Left Behind National Geographic Series

No Man Left Behind on National Geographic
National Geographic has a new series called “No Man Left Behind.”  It’s documentary interviews and reenactments of incredible combat stories of units trapped behind enemy lines and the length men will go to save each other. Their premiere episode was on Black Hawk Down.

In the piece, Randy Ramaglia, Mike Durante and myself tell the story of Task Force Ranger as best we can. I was particularly in awe of Mike’s interviews. I learned a lot about the meaning of character and perseverance. National Geographic Channel did a good job with this one. I’ve done a number of documentaries and more than any other network, they by far cared the most and really did want to get it right.

I wish they could have spent more time on Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart. The two delta operators who died trying to rescue Mike and his crew. They were both awarded the congressional Medal of Honor.

For all the guys who were there and are not mentioned, we did not forget you. In fact we are indebted and grateful. It is humbling to be a voice for Task Force Ranger which is why we volunteered so much time for this project.

Godspeed. RLTW