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“Never has a speaker grabbed me like Keni. His story has forever changed me moving forward”

— Fire Chief Manio Orangio

“Leadership has never been about the rank, the position nor the title we hold. It is the example we set for the people we serve. Who is on your left and who’s on your right?” – Keni Thomas

Redefine your understanding of what it means to lead the way

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See yourself as important, and you will begin to live up to it.

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Inspire Your Audience

Inspire each and every individual to see themselves as vital to mission success

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Troop Leading Procedures to Get You Unstuck!

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Captivate Your Audience

Make your event unforgettable as Keni guides you through an incredible story of teamwork and leadership

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Motivate Your Team

Motivate your team to take care of each other by creating leaders at every level

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Troop Leading Procedures to Get You Unstuck!

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From convention halls and classrooms, to the factory floor and the front lines, Keni Thomas is trusted by:

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What Makes Keni's Combat Story So Impactful

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Motivate your team to train as they fight,
fight as they train and create leaders at every level.

“Blackhawk Down” is a well-documented and historically significant battle that has inspired Americans for many years. But what if you could hear the story straight from someone who was there on the streets that day? What would you want to learn and how could it help you? When you discover first-hand what makes soldiers willingly put their lives on the line for each other, then you begin to understand what it takes for you to do the same. If leading by example is something that is important to you, then you will want to hear what Keni Thomas has to say about combat.

Like no speaker you’ve seen before, Keni’s unique ability to tell an engaging story takes you into the moment showing you how the hard lessons learned during the worst of times, can make each of us a better leader, capable of greatness. “When lives are on the line, and so

much is at stake, all we really fight for is each other” says Thomas.

As the audience follows Sgt. Thomas and his squad through the battle, people begin to see themselves in men like Private David Floyd and Specialist Melvin Dejesus. They being to understand how important they are to those on their left and right. They will discover a new understanding of what it really means to be counted on and to set an example for others to follow. Your team becomes motivated to train as they fight, fight as they train and create leaders at every level. Your troops will go back to work and back to their families feeling a little more extraordinary and a lot more capable of being the leader you know they can be.

We understand it can be a challenge finding a passionate and engaging speaker for your event. The last thing you’re probably looking for

is another power-point slide presentation on “How to Be a Leader”. What you want at the end of the day, is a fast-paced, dynamic delivery that your attendees will talk about for years to come. People learn the most through stories. This one is exceptional, and connects on a level that’s relatable to everyone, regardless of their title or experience.

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