• "Hold the Line"
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  • Join us February 1st, 2014 at the Perrysburg Campus as decorated combat veteran and award winning song writer, Keni Thomas unpacks his journey in the famous Black Hawk Down mission. Register now at a great rate of $25 which includes lunch and conference materials. Doors open at 7:30am and the duration of the event will be from 8am-2pm.
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    Nashville singer remembers 20th anniversary
    Black Hawk Down
  • on Keni's return to Mogadishu on Life of Duty
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  • Remembering Black Hawk Down
    Return to Mogadishu:
  • I have had the pleasure of bringing Keni Thomas to address attendees at a couple conferences. It is important to get Keni’s name and message “out there”…….he has a lot to say - and says it well…….he evokes a very emotional response from people – and he is a really nice man who relates to everyone, and is always gracious in meeting and speaking to people about their experiences – not just his own. It is a privilege to know him.
    Madeleine Lebedow
    Security Traders Association of Los Angeles
  • Keni and some of Nashville's biggest Songwriters Visit Afghanistan as Part of the Nashville 2 U Tour
    Keni visits Afghanistan on Tour
  • U.S. Army Ranger turned country sensation, Keni Thomas reflects on his decision to join the U.S. Army. Watch Keni's Patriot Profile Feature "From Mogadishu to Nashvile" to learn more about his incredible journey. its newly-altered state.
    Keni Thomas Bonus: A Higher Calling
  • Keni’s story depicts a truly classic Hero’s Journey. Such stories are always full of life-altering tragedy, personal tests, soul-filling revelations and the return to try to live life from its newly-altered state.
    12 Most Heart-stopping Leadership Lessons
  • CSPAN caught up with Keni Thomas at the National Press Club Book Fair in Washington DC recently. Check out Keni’s interview here!
    Keni Thomas at the National Press Club Book Fair
  • NY Times Takes Notice of Get it On!
    The New York Times, the nation's news leader, mentions Keni's leadership lessons this week! Keni co-hosted a Twitter Chat with Visionary Leadership Blogger, Lisa  Petrilli, and Lisa's blog  appeared on 12Most.com quickly catching the eye of  the Times! Read more here...